In a decidedly musically electronic world, Emergency is like a breath of fresh air to the music world. With their syncopated melodic rock sound, Emergency mixes the styles of all your favorite bands and re-packages them into an updated multi-dimensional songwriting extravaganza.

In this day and age of sexy auto-tuned supermodel singers, Emergency breaks down the walls of pop-culture with driving songs and sophisticated lyrics, while still sounding like a modern rock band.

With Justin Matz's vocals and explosive drum grooves, Kelly Jones's guitar woven tapestries, and Timmer Blakely's stealth and precision on the bass guitar, Emergency is a rock trio that cannot be beat. Emergency is the kind of band you hope you are going to see when you pay for a concert ticket.

Some music can be compared to sugary soft drinks and fast food, but listening to Emergency is like dining on a five star full course meal cooked by the best chefs from around the world and served directly to your ears. And each time you listen to them you will find something new and different for your auditory taste buds to digest.

If you enjoy hearing music that sticks in your head and is fun to sing along with, then hear Emergency and have your musical thirst quenched!